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Welcome to House over Gulf – Seaside home in Puck!!

Dom nad Zatoką (House over Gulf) – is owners dream about a house at the seaside which has come true (200m from the beachfront) We offer you stay in the independent, selfcontained house overlooking the sea. It is fully equipped ( kitchen, bed linen, sheets, TV, TV Sat, radio, chimney, electric heating, grill, refridgerator, towels) and of course with its own gardenyard.

House at the sea is designed for serving up to 6 people: 3 rooms – 2 independent bedrooms on the first floor (each for 2 people – Africa Bedroom and Australia Bedroom. There is an option to sleep for 2 people in the living room on a very comfortable couch.

We do hope that you will fill yourself in our hose at the seaside like at home. House at the seaside has its own ,locked and safe parking lot for up to 2 cars. From the first floor window room you can admire the seaside with: sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, biking, katamarans, trimarans, motorboats, yachts.

Puck is a perfect place for some walking excursions, nordic walking tours, car tourism, to nearby places like: Hel, Władysławowo, Chałupy, Gdańsk, Gdyni,a Sopot, Jastarni,a Jurata and the whole Hel Peninsula.

We do hope you will enjoy your stay at our hose at the seaside at any time of the year.

Attractions of Puck city and the surrounding area

Puck, the town is situated on the shores of The Gulf of Puck , which often is wrong named The Gulf of Gdansk, and from here it is a distance of 30km to Tricity ( Gdynia , Sopot,Gdansk ) 390 km to Warsaw and 350km to Poznan. Puck is the true place to undertake sports and outdoor activities, like: sailing (touristic and competition), windsurfing, kitsurfing, bicycle tours, nordic walking, skating, motorboat sports, walking along the Gulf shores, on the mole and along the cliff coast.

Puck this is calm town, a perfect place for all, who enjoy water sports, is situated in the heart of the Pomerania Region with a distance of 10km to Władysławowo, Jastrzębia Góra, Chałupy and a some ten minutes ride by car to Tricity (Gdynia, Sopot,Gdańsk) and the Hel Peninsula.

  • Harcerski Ośrodek Morski (400 m)
  • Szkółka Windsurfingowa (700 m)
  • Groty Mechowskie (10km)
  • Pałac Below
  • Hel – sealarium (44km)
  • Białogóra – horse riding – galloping on the beach (37 km, 40 minutes by car)
  • Chałupy – Windsurfing schools
  • Rozewie – Lighthouse
  • Trójmiasto (Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk) – (30km, 45 minutes by car)
  • Władysławowo – Fisherman’s House (10 km)

Our location

Domu nad Zatoką

Dom Nad Zatoką
ul. Książęca 21
84-100 Puck
tel. kom.+48 600 49 49 49

House over Gulf

ul. Książęca 21
84-100 Puck
mobile +48 600 49 49 49


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